Top Shopping Szczecin

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Top Shopping Szczecin

Convenient location for your business

The Top Shopping Center in Szczecin offers an impressive area of nearly 20,000 sqm, becoming an unparalleled place for those looking for inspiration to arrange, renovate, or refresh their home interior.

A home is not just walls, ceilings, and floors but also furniture, lighting, bathrooms, and carpets. At Top Shopping, Szczecin residents find a place that meets their needs and helps them create their ideal home space. It is also the perfect environment for developing a sustainable and prosperous business.

The center constantly adapts to changing trends and customer expectations, enriching its offer with various entertainment attractions.

The property is equipped with:

  • parking for over 200 cars,
  • 3 freight elevators,
  • 2 passenger elevators,
  • 2 freight ramps allowing simultaneous loading of up to three trucks,
  • access to fiber-optic internet,
  • security and monitoring,
  • access to social facilities.
    The rent includes operating costs and utility charges.
Top Shopping Szczecin
  • Tradition and recognition of Top Shopping Center

  • Neighborhood of reputable commercial brands

  • Adjustable and different sizes of units

  • Convenient access

  • Convenient parking

Convienient adress for Your buisness

Szczecin, ul. Hangarowa 13